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A constant source of wonderment for me is how reluctant people are to think of solutions to large social problems. When an attempt is made, then it is too often with teeny-weeny answers, most of which have already been tried and failed.

I refer many to perhaps the only capitalist/entrepreneur that I have any genuine respect for, Elon Musk. His efforts have never been small, nor his successes. The Tesla car, fully electrically powered is so successful a project as to incur the wrath of the traditional automotive industry. Larger still is his creating a rocket that has already supplied the space station. And he is not done. I say “he” but of course it is never just a “he” or a “she.” However his projects might still remain dormant in a few peoples heads were it not for his fearlessness and drive. But the largest project is that of the Hypterloop. To travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes is, well, quite imaginative. It is a rather large project as well. That is why Musk released the project and all of the work done so far to the public. It is currently being crowdsourced. Free. Why don’t you join the crowd?

The point here, is to think BIG. I include a clip from an old Star Trek episode in which Q, a member of the “continuum” suggest a solution to an otherwise unsolvable problem: Change the universal constant of the universe. Why didn’t you think of that?

How big to you think Q can think?