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ESSAY: Saving Your Work
The days of the dog eating the homework are gone. Now it is, "it disappeared, or, my computer is in the shop and my homework is on it. There is really no excuse for losing your stuff. Just 1) if entering text online, write responses or whatever on a word processor or a text pad of some kind (all the OSs have them) and save all the time. The keystrokes are probably just Ctrl S or something similar. Just make it habit. THEN cut and paste the work into and assignment window.

  • FLASH (thumb) drive: These are cheap. For ten dollars you will have a tiny USB plug-in device that will hold all the text files you will create for a zillion semesters. Video and images, not so much. Downside: It can fail. Small and easily lost. Yes, the dog could conceivably eat it. Poor dog.
  • EXTERNAL HARD DISCS: Larger than thumb drives, hold a lot more, less easily lost. Downside: It can fail or be damaged.
  • DROPBOX might even be easier but you have to login to each separate device. I simply hate anything that slows that part of my day down. Get an account and use the thing. I have some other tricks that might help if you are using your own computer. Limited to 2.4 GB. If you don't know what a gigabyte (GB) is think of each GB, according to one source, as up to several hundred thousand pages of text, possibly even a million or more. Text is easy to store, compared to images, music, and software... (
  • BOX: is really the same a Dropbox but also works on Android devices. It also has more capacity for the free account, 10 GB. That's pretty big.
    Others are Amazon Cloud, Google Drive and the like. Mostly free.
  • GOOGLE has a process for storage as well if you have an active account.
  • Backblaze (I use it), Carbonite, SOS, and more. Check out the review sites such as . They cost some money. Some more than others and some are way easier than others to use, but may vary in how difficult it is to restore your data. Regardless, the advantage is that EVERYTHING is saved with these services.
    Personally, as my work is pretty high stakes (my livelihood!) I use a wireless continuous backup hard drive (Time Machine to Time Capsule for the Mac), and Backblaze. I use Dropbox and Box to make files available for working on other computers.
    Do something please.