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A Few Student Journals:
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Some students have requested an actual example of a journal entry for my classes.

I want you to think freely about things related to the course. You need to start putting academic experiences into your regular thoughts. It is great to just write about what you read or learned, but best to integrate what you learn into your own life.

If group work is involved, you may talk about what your are doing with the group. This is private, so you can gripe a bit. But keep it cool.

    JOURNAL ENTRY SOC 1 Name Withheld
    July 14th
    In Class on Monday we spoke of Intersectionality; forms of intersecting systems of oppression and discrimination. Things such as Age, disability, race, gender, and class are all examples of reasons to justify mistreatment of people with different backgrounds and even gender stratification. The focus of the day was based on the inequalities of gender.An examples that was given to us were the glass ceiling which represents how women are able to make it so far until they reach the invisible ceiling or barrier to which they can overturn the male in charge. Where no matter the qualifications and achievements still cannot move them past the ranks above other men in charge. Although it is not exclusive to women, most of the time it is used as an explanation for lack of women in positions of power, well as minority groups. We saw how the notion of gender roles are promoted by labeling colors to genders as well as toys i.e. the Barbie dolls. We began to see a documentary called Miss Representation . It focused mainly on what we talked about with gender inequality and how females are depicted in the mass media and through politics and really all across mainstream medias in the U.S. Views y women and men who see that females are objectified if they attempt to rise into positions of power. Leadership positions depict females aas emotional and unstable for decision making.

    July 15th
    We finished watching the rest of the documentary Miss Representation. We learned more of how the mass media of the U.S. would make it seem as though it was wrong for women to seek power or to better themselves. Since there was no regulation on television during the 1980's, the majr networks got away with many sexist programming that would depict females as a damsel in distress and helpless. There was an image being created that women's place to dream to be was with a nice home and husband to maintain them in their lifestyle of being the perfect mother and wife to a husband that keeps her living with the finest appliances. Having no regulation on the media allows stories that would not have been front line stories to be the main  headlining story for the news report. Celebrity nonsense appears to be the story to cover leaving no actual journalistic work being done just to pander to gossip news and cheap reporting. This allows the media to portray men to be better than women and to treat them less equally. We then began to focus our attention on schooling. The question was asked of why do we attend school. I said it was because people genuinely want to learn. Social promotion is being passed in school simply because of starting schooling at a certain age so they are passed anyways. Merit promotion is that you are only allowed to pass into the next grade based on what you learned and accomplished. We were taught to believe that through the system of higher education we will earn a certain amount of income regardless of lack there of jobs. However the country's standards have gotten to where even having a bachelor's degree doesn't guarantee any job security anymore. 


    (These are a bit short. Should be more like 150 words.)

    Heard about major oil chemical spill on radio. Looked it up on web. Found several articles. See link or look at saved PDF. Note that this article relates to both environment and poverty so I am sharing it with the poverty group.


    The class assignment was useful in that sociology is a "perspective" as much as a science. Reading Mills helped as well as reading the Alessio chapter.

    Found some great pictures and put them on a Drive powerpoint for the group assignment. We might want to use them in the final presentation. My subtopic for Environment is pollution, but there are so many examples I am not sure which to include and which to leave out.

    Just looking up stuff on Monsanto I found a wild article from Vanity Fair about a guy who Monsanto harassed over soy bean seeds. Monsanto seeds blew into his fields and now the company want's to make him pay for them.


    etc. etc. etc.