PINXIT is a premium brand, born in Paris, and committed to creating a high-quality and smart wardrobe that will be complemented for years without losing its relevance.

Brand philosophy

We do not chase momentary trends, but carefully develop the design of each item to ensure that the owner wearing them always feels confident and comfortable. 




Consistent product quality.
We want our products to be valuable and long-lasting to our clients. That is why, when creating them, we focus on quality and how they look. This model allows us to reduce the environmental harm caused by the fashion industry. 

PINXIT is about the mindset, lifestyle, and quality of life

PINXIT is about the mindset, lifestyle, and quality of life


We focus on the principles of sustainable consumption, innovation, improvement of production technologies, and the use of natural fabrics. We believe that our product is an investment in creating a strong, feminine and signature look. 


Our customer has no age.
She is an independent, self-confident and self-fulfilled woman.  She dresses not to deliberately get everyone’s attention, but for herself – she builds her own individual style with a touch of French chic.

The opening of a flagship store in Paris and the launch of an online store are planned for 2024. 

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